Complete CI change of Tópart Hotel [2018]

Logo and CI renewal of th brand Sunmoney (2018)

New logo and package labels for Herbsgarden (2018)

Logo and visuality of Yogatone, a yoga class in Belgium [2016]

Tihanyi Levendula logo + corp. ID [2014-2015]

"Hen in the city" logo and webdesign [2015]

Artistic identity and website design for a feltmaker [2013-2015]

Dunapark Café and Restaurant logo + brochures and menus [2009-2012]

Versys Clinics logo + corp. ID [2010-2012]

Logo and corp. ID for the Hungarian Squash Federation [2011]

Logo and corp. ID update for FLORA Hungaria flower market [2010]

Logo and visuality of the "Year of Waters in Hungary" [2007-2008]

The essential part of our creative work:

creating the symbol of a company or organisation.

Skills design, corp. IDs and brandings